The Institute for Contemplative Education is a non-profit philosophic and psychological leadership resource for character development; organized to mentor self-cultivation, to evolve cultural and environmental sustainability. Our focus on conflict-resolution reflects classical principles for sage consciousness; whereby, reciprocal principles (YinYang) are realized to be fundamental to consciousness, and central to all aspects of creation as a (W)hole®. In this sense of reciprocity between opposites,  individuals are responsible for actualizing universal principles, for collective human development.  On that basis, since the character of our minds and the materials of life and history are reciprocally united and comprehensively (W)hole®, in our mission we anticipate that the biggest revolution in history will one day be a collective culture of peace; brought about through reciprocity, between progressive individuals and the collective conditions we are concerned to change.  In the form of a gradually growing movement of ethical folks, determined to save the world from collective ignorance, our ebook/course for The Way to See (W)hole® was created to practically accelerate the momentum of creative change; based on spiritual effects of sage self-cultivation (Mystical Humanism).

Concerning global conflict-resolution then, to help humanity to cross critical tipping points between profound conflict and profound peace, the central point of contemplative self-cultivation at and is to teach critical thinking for wisdom; in service to transforming the roots to all forms of chaos. To aid individuals to evolve a mass movement for Heaven on Earth, our ebook/course for The Way to See (W)hole® engages compassion in action; to think for the world to work as one ethically sustainable society. In the sense that individuals must actualize the return of light to dispel darkness, our ebook/course for The Way to See (W)hole® befits Carl G. Jung saying that "It is high time we realized that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. [Therefore] it is much more needful to teach people the art of seeing."

To promote "the art of seeing", we also provide heartwarming Speaking for Virtue® inspirational podcasts. Moreover, in our "Questions and Answers about Conflict-resolution with Rev., Prof., Gola Wolf Richards", Yin/Yang philosophy and psychology of consciousness is used to make  complex issues simpler to understand. 

To  keep our edu-tainment programs broadly accessible and free/with donations requested, every individual's contribution and every corporation's offer of sponsorship is appreciated. In concert with perspectives found in the ancient Chinese classic, the I Ching, or Book of Changes, to promote philosophy and psychology as medicine for sustainable human development, Christopher M. Hunt, M.D, and Rev., Prof., Gola Wolfson Richards founded, Motto Citizens LLC, and